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We are inspired by and proud of all our incredible families and clients. Here’s what some are saying about their experience with Speech Therapy CO. If you would like to share your experience and successes we’d love to hear about them! Share your story here!

My husband and I came to Speech Therapy CO for a consultation when we had some concerns about our 4-year-old daughter. She took a lot of time to listen and answer our questions/concerns. She helped us develop the right plan for our daughter and our family and gave us some great parenting tips to help our daughter through some transitions. Her help resulted in less worry and peace of mind and helped us feel more confident as parents. For anyone who may have concerns about their child, I recommend consulting with Bailey. She is extremely knowledgeable and approaches her families/clients with empathy and compassion.

~ Mahaley (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

Bailey saved me! I’d written and was performing this 11-character one woman show. 2 characters had accents – one Caribbean and one North Carolina. I am TERRIBLE at accents. But Bailey came highly recommended, and she was immediately helpful. She looked at hours of those dialects, met with me on zoom and taught me the dialect sounds both auditory and visual. She then she went through my script and helped me perfect each accent. In just a few weeks, I was able to do the accents impressively well, all because of Bailey. I am so proud to say my show went off without a hit, and audiences loved the 2 characters with accents the most! I highly recommend her. Trailer:

~Alesia (Professional Client, Writer, comedian, and actress)

Bailey worked with my son for 5 years. In that time his conversational skills grew incredibly. One of the biggest challenges Autism presented was speech. Watching him blossom with Bailey’s guidance was truly inspiring. I cannot recommend her enough.

~Margaret (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bailey from Speech Therapy CO. We reached out with concerns with our 2-year olds language delays. Bailey immediately met with us and provided us with activities, strategies, and explained her treatment plan. Our daughter immediately bonded with Bailey. She has made so much progress. I highly recommend her services.

~Rocio (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

I like to say that you were the best speech teacher that I had during my days in elementary school. I was proud that you were able to teach me certain things in life, though I may not remember it all. But still, you were able to help me out when I didn’t understand some things in life. Thank you for being a great speech teacher.

~Jacob (Former speech therapy client)

My son was 2 yrs old when we noticed he was having problems with articulation. I researched therapists and thankfully we came across Bailey. She was a sweetheart from the start. She’s extremely patient and understands how difficult this process is for parents. During their visits, she was able to disguise his therapy into games that he really enjoyed. She kept him engaged and he would actually be bummed when his time was up.

With Bailey’s help my son’s speech exploded. His confidence grew and as parents that made us extremely happy. Bailey is a true professional and genuinely loves what she does. I highly recommend Speech Therapy CO.

~Araceli (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

Bailey is the best speech pathologist we’ve ever had. A friend referred her to us and described her as a “firecracker.” She sure is, in a great way. She is bright, fun, engaging, and impressive. My son saw Bailey twice a week and made huge gains in his expressive and receptive language. He always wanted to go and was excited to see her each time. As a parent, she was helpful in giving me suggestions on what I could do to continue to help him throughout the week at school or home. I strongly recommend Bailey for all of your speech needs. You won’t regret it.

~Brooke (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

I worked with Bailey to prepare for a presentation I needed to give for work. I am not usually comfortable talking in front of large groups but after working with Bailey my confidence grew and my presentation was a huge success. She was so easy to work with and really flexible. I highly recommend working with her!

~Marcy (Professional Client, presenter)

When my son was born, he could not hear and although he can hear 100% now, it severely effected his speech development. He has worked very hard from a young age and has had an arduous speech journey. For a very long time, he was misdiagnosed as a stutterer, Bailey is the first speech therapist to correctly diagnose him with a condition called cluttering, which requires very different treatment.

Bailey is incredibly astute to recognize his speech disorder as cluttering. We are very grateful and relieved that after years in speech therapy Bailey’s quick and razor sharp professional skills have finally set him on the right path. she has educated us as well. She is the best speech therapist we have encountered and are grateful our son can continue making great strides forward with her.

~Kristin (Parent of pediatric speech therapy client)

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