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Speech Disorders

Speech Disorders can affect both children and adults. Common speech disorders include articulation disorders, phonological disorders, and motor speech disorders.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication In some cases, a speech disorder […]

Language Disorders

Language Disorders can affect both children and adults. Language disorders may result in difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding language.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication Much of the language we use […]

Social Communication

Both Neurotypical and Neurodiverse children and adults benefit from social communication support. Areas frequently targeted include social interactions, social understanding, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, language processing, and culturally responsive understanding […]

Fluency Disorders

Fluency Disorders can affect both children and adults. Common fluency disorders include stuttering and cluttering. Every person who stutters is unique Developing an understanding and acceptance of stuttering is key […]

Professional Services

A member of CORSPAN, an international organization of Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in speech and communication  training for businesses and professionals.  Speech Therapy CO’s P-ESL Certified Speech Pathologists successfully help clients […]

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